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Delusions of Clarity

Delusions of Clarity

When Fallacy Turns Fatal, Truth Matters

Karl Jommers is a straight-talking police psychologist who is keenly attuned to the problems of cops yet blind to his own. His self-assurance is shattered when a cop friend, tormented by secrets, snaps and is shot by an Internal Affairs detective.
       That detective, an enigmatic, mercurial woman, believes that the victim was part of a corruption scheme that she was investigating and that she was the one meant to die.
       Another police officer who witnessed the shooting offers a startlingly differing view, that the woman was an assassin who silenced the victim after he became aware of a government conspiracy.
       While the two competing stories are mutually exclusive, each contains grains of truth. To disentangle the discordance, Jommers must first understand what actually what happened that night. But stepping outside his domain to investigate will jeopardize his faltering practice and possibly his life. 
       As Jommers struggles to correct the distorted views of others, surprising discoveries force him to question the clarity of his own perception.


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Paperback available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, Books-a-Million, Indigo, and more.

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